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One Thousand March for Social Struggles!

Curva Nord, Italy


Date: March 29th 2014. Place : Livorno Italy

About a thousand people have responded to the call yesterday in defense of social struggles.

Over the past two years, the prosecutor of Livorno has opened more than 120 criminal proceedings against the movements. Many participants in the parade from the other Tuscan towns: Pisa, Massa, Viareggio, Florence, Lucca.

The day started in Livorno at early afternoon in Piazza San Marco with a big party that was attended by the families of the Committees of the autonomous “Ex Caserma Occupata” from the many towns in the district.

Around 17:30, the protesters began to wind through the streets of the town passing by the provincial palace where they threw buckets of manure at the provincial building !

Afterwards they headed to the hotel “Giappone” where they showed their solidarity to the 40 asylum seekers who are guests there for a few days. Later, the protesters continued over, coming in Garibaldi street of the “Fiorentina” quarter to occupy an entire block of council flats.

The municipality and the police immediately tried to intimidate the occupants by sending 8 police vans against the riot. According to the municipality and Casalp (the company in charge of public housing in Livorno), these houses would be in danger, but already the first inspection yesterday revealed that 7 of the 20 apartments are immediately usable and many others need only small maintenance jobs.

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