Saturday , September 18 2021

Quartograd – The Club

Quartograd logo ) is the antifascist football team of Quarto, a small city in the province of Naples (South Italy). Born on June 26 2012, after winning the championship in the Third Category, the team is now playing in Second Category (

The ‘Quartograd project’ started four years ago, when some comrades, with the Carc party ( ), organised some amateur antifascist championships in the city. In the first edition there were 8 teams, in the second 16 and the third 20 (400 people involved). In 2012 they decided to choose the best players of the tournament to create a team to inscribe in the official Italian amateur league (Terza Categoria) and they did it. They bought shirts and pants and bags and everything else and they paid registration fee.

Quartograd did a great championship and with a victory in the last match of the season was promoted in Seconda Categoria. That day more than 500 people were on the terraces to root for the team. Both players and supporters are strictly antifascist and none of them get money from the club  (also the players pay an annual fee).

The name ‘Quartograd’ is a tribute to Stalingrad, the city where the soviet people that stopped the Nazi army. Born with the purpose to offer an alternative to modern football and disseminate the values of anti-fascism and clean football, Quartograd has a group of supporters, “Nostalgia Canaglia” (Damned Nostalgia), which follows the matches at home and away leading in the terraces the flags of the anti-fascist action.
“Quartograd supporters – Another football is possible” ( ) is the Quartograd international support page on Facebook, with updates in different languages on the team but also on other anti-fascist ultras and hooligans in Europe and beyond.

The club have also a team of Muay Thai/Sanda fighters, “Quartograd for Fight” to spread also in the rings the values of anti-fascism, loyalty, sportsmanship and respect for the opponent. Its motto is “In the ring and in the streets, kicking racism and punching malfeasance. Quartograd for people’s sport!”.

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