Saturday , September 25 2021

End of March

Club de Fútbol América S.A. de C.V. Mexico City-Mexico

Well, we’re feeling a bit  disappointed by the latest work that Brigada Azul Crema had on all this month. It was not possible for everyone to provide their assistance at all the matches, home and away and as such a few members carried the burden this period by sacrificing a lot of their own personal time and money.

However the last week some members have been very active and got hard at work to moved this group forwards. On this occasion we issued our second edition of the fanzine and spread it on the streets and the terraces. This edition was dedicated to the political prisoners in Mexico and also paid tribute to all comrades, friends, brothers and sisters around the world that have been imprisoned unjustly or at fault.

Additionally we also displayed our solidarity with Berkin and Showan, for this purpose two banners where made especially for them. We had troubles with the police when we tried to introduce the flags into the stadium. Before this event the state pigs wanted to arrest one of our members for handing out fanzines outside the stadium! They harassed members of our group and continued to do so up until our brothers and sisters arrived in the stands where Ritual del Kaoz and Brigada Azul Crema meet to support the team. As such, we did not display the flags or banners within the game bu did so after the game, outside the stadium in our constant spirit of solidarity.


We hope better times, now is being hard for all us and we think that this month was the worse. But like we told before: never climb down the head, see forward and smile, because come better times.



Rebel Ultras