Thursday , October 21 2021

End of March News


Brigata Manicomio, Italy

Last games are coming and all “brigata manicomio” still support Spartak Lecce, like always.

Meanwhile The biggest antifa and antiracism tournament “calcio senza confini” had started these days and Brigata Manicomio supports too the comrades of “BINARIO 68″occupied place in Lecce.

They said that 18th march at 3.40 am, a big part of squatters were sleeping, but not all.

Some of them were awake and looked out window, before hearing a loud roar.Just few seconds were enough to understand that the sound was caused by the explosion of a big device in the building’s courtyard.They saw just a big cloud of fume and one police car driving away in the wrong direction of “via Birago” without appearing to be chasing nobody.

This worthless act, surely intimidatory, is only the culmination of too many similar events that aim to criminalize and destroy our wish to self-manage our lifes, our spaces, our aspirations of not following the rules imposed by the actual system. Repression and annihilation are what it is for those who do not want to adapt, to this rotting system which is being imposed on us on a daily basis.


Rebel Ultras