Saturday , September 25 2021
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History of Panahaiki

Panahaiki emblemIn the late 19th century  in the town of Patra in Greece where founded the first unions and associations , of workers and bourgeois intellectuals who were captivated by anarchist and socialist ideas , with the most prominent of these being the “Democratic Club of Patras” , whose members are among the founding members of Panachaikos Gymnastics Club ( 1891 ) , hence has this close connection with our founding fathers’ ideologies that bred the selections of the Panahaiki colours of red / black.

In 1894 some members left the PGC and founded Gymnastics Society of Patras , while in 1923 both societies would be reunited and merge into what we know until today as the Panahaiki Gymnastics Union.

(A more detailed history of the club will be online later on this week)

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