Saturday , September 18 2021

End March News

Hapoel Tel Aviv FC, Tel Aviv- Israel

Very tough times here in tel aviv.
When it comes to derby games, you all know how feelings are, and how thin the line is between total happiness and total distress. the yellow-blue nationalist-racists of maccabi tel aviv are about to win another championship, and our team is having a very bad season.

In the last game of the league, before playoffs, we had a home derby against those scum.

We lost 2-3, with a goal in the last second of the game, after we had a lead of 2-1 up until the 86th minute. This has been the fifth in a row derby we have lost, and the first game of playoffs also happens to be…another derby (against the scum, today, Monday 24/03).

We will all go and support the team, hopefully they will fight for the honour and pride of our club. we will do our best as usual to stand against the most ugly phenomenons in the israeli society  – extreme nationalism, religion and racism.

1st of May will be another big labourers party, which is becoming a tradition every year. our home band Leah Katamin (video below) will give a full red ska concert, and we all wait to have a good reason to party finally, after this very bad season.
15 years to Ultras Hapoel is coming later this year, we will announce it and share all details for you all – everyone is of course invited to our anniversary.


Rebel Ultras