Saturday , September 25 2021

Mid March News

Vamos Bien, Turkey

Salute to all friends again,
We would like to give you info about what happened in Turkey the last days;

14 year old Berkin Elvan was shot with a 850 gr. gas cannister on June 16th. He was not a protester he was going to the market to buy some bread. He was in a coma trying to survive fighting infections and high fever for 269 days. He was 16 kgs when he died 11.03.2014, at 07.00 am. And that day the police were attacking the hospital he has been staying at and another protester was shot in the head during the attacks. He is unconscious now. The family did not have time to mourn their child before the police attack. Be aware of the police violence in Turkey. In these days still police are attacking his neighborhood (Okmeydanı) in İstanbul. After he died we have fought against police again in his funeral. A very large amount of people showed up to honour Berkin at his funeral and it was very crowded!

After that we were playing a home game. We have not gone to stadium this year as a Vamos Bien. But for this match some of us went in the stadium to put a banner. We made a banner for Berkin Elvan. (Çocuklar ölmesi maça da gidebilsinler. It means ”Children dont die, they go to the stadium”). And some of antifa fan groups made a banner too. (AEK, Aris, Livorno etc.) And some of comrades asked us already for the banner. For example Omonoia Gate 9 and Ultras St. Pauli. We are very thankful for all of our brothers and sisters for their interest and their active support.

We also made a banner for Berkin and Alexis. This week our basketball team will play with Panathinaikos in Greece. Some of us are going to travel there but we cant enter into the sport hall because there isn’t any seats reserved for away fans! We spoke already to some of our Greek comrades and they will help us put our banner where Alexis died. Below we are adding a photo about our comrades and our own banners. Next week we will also incorporate our banner about Alexis and Berkin. Additionally, during our last game in our home match, the whole stadium was singing out loud for a very long time in favour of a ”goverment resignation”.


Rebel Ultras