Saturday , September 18 2021

Mid March News

Virtus Fans, Italy

Three weeks ago we had been notified of one of our comrades ( Virtus Fans ) , a prohibition of access for a year to places where sporting events are held , (this restriction in Italy is called Daspo). The fact is that this measure arises in the absence of any criminal offense committed by our comrade, but only for the ” presumption ” of the authorities that the fan in question “may be deemed dangerous to public order and public safety , and that its presence as a spectator in a place where these events take place , can disrupt the smooth functioning of the event.”

Our comrade is following the team since many years in every game (home and away). He never had or caused problems in his football life, he never had criminal records related to football and / or sporting events. A comrade that every Sunday travels kilometer by kilometer for his passion , following his favorite team . It’s an injustice !

The motivation of this measure, from what we read in the police notification would “he would have caused fans of the other team trying to cross the barrier of the police, to get to engage with the opposing fans who at that time were leaving the stadium creating a real danger to the public peace and safety . ” On that day, anyone who was present at the stadium did not notice any tension, nor even perceived the danger of unrest.

Keep in mind that the bulk of the guest fans that day was placed both in the gate opposite to our gate that take place in the tribune connected to the Virtus Fans gate and no problem has occurred before, during and after the match also with the guest supporters who were close to our own sector. Keep in mind that in the past when the Mantua Virtus played on several occasions and have never had problems of public order, nor in Verona , nor even in Mantua. This measure to all of us sounds more like a personal retaliation against our comrade. We will do any initiative and action that can somehow demonstrate the reality of the facts and we will do everything we can to cancel this measure . We’re collecting funds to support the expenses to appeal to the TAR (regional court) against an unjust measure/restriction (DASPO) issued on our comrade Michele banned from the stadium for one year. Any contribution/donation is welcome. Thanx for your support !!! Contact us for info/details. United we will win Brothers and Sisters!

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