Thursday , October 21 2021

Mid-March News

Ultras Bohemians, Czech Rep.

The match against Sparta Prague and away match in Slovácko.

For the match against Sparta we where thoroughly prepared for. We made 4 choreographies and one inscription . The first choreography related to the players Bohemians winning the prestigious tournament in preparation for the league.

Sparta scored a goal right from the start, but soon Bohemians equally matched them in the pitch. The stadium atmosphere was truly on fire and are even some pyro was lit during this course. Our second choreography  was a response to Sparta that displayed a headless kangaroo, so we answered by displaying a Spartan warrior without a head ! Another choreo was displayed around the 50 minute mark, for our former leader of the core of the group; who had served for several several years and recently handed over the leadership to another brother.  Bohemians finally got a goal back and towards the end of the game we displayed our final choreo in recognition of t work of our club massage therapist who has been working at the club since 1996 complemented by a  pyro show with red fireworks .

The match in Slovácko was a 280km drive away and its not considered one of the typical away games so turnout is always unexpected.  This manifested itself in around 100 of our fans showing up.  However, even so, cheers were always present at the game and we tried our best to create a good atmosphere for our beloved club.  Bohemians unfortunately lost the game 1-0 and with this result is still bottom of the league table, with the mood not being at its best at the moment. However, we do not mind, we will follow Bohemians till the end of the world and back again!

Rebel Ultras