Saturday , September 18 2021

Latest News from FRA

FRA logoFirst weekend of March we travelled to Almendralejo to play against Extremadura UD (one of the two teams of our region that have played at first division) in a big stadium (‘Francisco de la Hera’ has capacity for 12.580 spectators). We travelled 17 lads many hours before the match looking for a Carnival Party but our informants lied and there was no party so we went to a square near from stadium to drink all the alcohol that we have bought for the party.

The match was not good for our interest. Extremadura was better than our players and won easily 2-0. We supported very well and all players came to our section at the end of the match to give us thanks. We also showed a message against repression.

Next week we played at home with a non-typical hour: 11AM. The reason was the Carnival Party in our town. We lost again (1-3 against Jerez, 4th place) but we support during all the match. At the end of the match some players came to our sector to give us thanks but other players ran to the shower.

We also showed a message to one of our members, Jose, who has heart problems since two years. ¡‘Fuerza’ Jose!

Finally, we sign a claim against racism with other groups. The motto is “Las gradas unen, el racism divide” (the stands join, racism divides).


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