Saturday , September 25 2021

Early March News

USP, Germany

At the 23th February we played Dynamo Dresden away. We did the travel by bus and nothing special happened. But after the game the bus of our players was attacked by hools and normal fans of Dynamo (picture below).

After the game Dresden fans also attacked an alternative bar in Dresden where Sankt Pauli fans and Dresden fans drunk together. Click here for the Article
FC St. Pauli won the game 1:2, a brilliant away win!
At the 3rd March we played Union Berlin at home. We had a lot of guests from Babelsberg, Marseilles, Savona, Bergamo, Sampdoria, Munich and others.  The St. Pauli Skinheads had guests from Super 3.
The game was quite good and we won 2:1. Because we protest against games on Mondays we did not used any flags or other stuff and displayed some protest banners (pictures below)
On the 9th March we played FSV Frankfurt away. Unfortunately we lost 1:0 but the support was good. We made a nice picture of all groups around USP and there was also a small choreography during the game.
Politics: In our thoughts we are with Showan and thus we wanted to express our solidarity. On Friday there will be a demonstration of antifascist people from Hamburg. Our Fanladen will collect money for support of the cause.
Finally, 5 years following the attack of the police on a man, that resulted in the person loosing his teeth, the case is now in court. However the police seem to have “lost” the video material. click here for the full article
Rebel Ultras