Thursday , October 21 2021

Early March News

Bukaneros, Spain

As we announced, the Weekend Against Repression was celebrated, including a really interesting speech, some boxing fights, and a weekend together with two of the best ultra’ groups in Spain nowadays: Riazor Blues and Biris Norte. Sunday morning football, when is always harder to keep a good atmosphere due to the hardcore nights, but we did our best under the noon sun, including a tifo displaying an imprisoned ultra with the motto “Mi vida, mi condena” (“My life, my penalty”).

Concerning the visitors, a good number, and always a noisy and well organized pack. As we said, one of the best groups around here at the moment. Rayo lost, but who cares? “El resultado da igual, aquí se viene a animar.”

Spanish league gave us the option to have our club playing again home next week, Valencia was the foe of the day. One of the difficult opponents of Spanish football, but as they say somewhere else: “We fear no foe”. Night match for the Sunday, where we displayed a “light tifo” with our leds and lamps for those who didn’t arrive yet to 21st century (a lot of us didn’t do it…). Valencia ultras decided to show up a bit late, even after they had announced on the Internet that they were “Going to Vallekas to fight communism”. Some lads from Glasgow shared the day with us, and had the chance to delight with the one and only goal who made us remember why our club was called “Matagigantes” (Giant killer) in the old days. Great atmosphere even so late on a rainy Sunday…moments like this are what we live for.

And yet in our eyes, a Monday night match between Real Sociedad and Rayo Vallecano, Donosti away, which made it impossible for us to be there hanging our banner. Just a few of us were able to go (thanks to Spanish football authorities), so no banner or group’s emblems there. A day which should have been a party between two friendly pack of fans was bound to be a day where both parts joined together to raise their voices against this non-sense we call “Modern football”, where fans are nothing when TV set the timetables.

Oh. Rayo won…we may save ourselves from 2nd Division after all!

Out of stadiums, we’ve been kinda active, like International Brigades Memorial, Worker Women’s day or displaying some solidarity with Lyon comrades who were attacked by fascists a couple weeks ago.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Bukaneros action!

Rebel Ultras