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February & Start of March News in Livorno

Curva Nord, Italy

A..strange month for Livorno..

February marked the 99th birthday for A.S Livorno Calcio, and of course the huge celebrations for the occasion, both in and out of the stadium and generally in the whole city of Livorno.

Celebrations came along with a better performance from the team. Better performance, but unfortunately not so good results. The team showed lack of focus at the games, which led to receiving easy goals and large scores against us.

We had the victory at the game against Cagliari, but at the following week we had the derby against the fascists of Merdas Verona, at which our lack of concentration brought us behind the score and even though during the second half we came close to get at least the draw, we lost the game.

Even though we lost, we could see that our team was improving in the field. Next game was against Napoli. At this game we saw a better performance, against a strong team like Napoli is, and managed to get the draw. On this game we witnessed for once more the “nice” treatment of the Football Federation against us, but yet, we got the draw.

Yesterday, we had the away game against Sampdoria. We were very excited to see Livorno coming into the field with the attitude to get the 3 points. We controlled the game, and we managed to get the lead with a clear 0 – 2 score. This score brought us to the Half-time..

After that, we sadly saw again the “bad face” of our team. We came into the pitch for the second half, most probably believing that we already had the victory secured. And we payed it, in a harsh manner. Sampdoria managed to score an early goal, and from that point our lack of concentration an our bad luck brought 2 goals for Sampdoria. Two shots on target by Sampdoria, with the ball hitting on our defenders, changing it’s course straight into our net. With these, Sampdoria managed to score again, and the 0 – 2 lead from the first half became a 4 – 2 final score.

On our ultras field, a number of our Curva Nord Ultras, are currently in Athens hosted by our AEK Original21 brothers for a big party they organised.

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