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BAC News 22 Feb – 01 Mar

BAC, Mexico

News from 22nd February, 2014

Club América against Pumas UNAM (one derby that generates a lot excitment, rivalry and any person that likes football in Mexico is tuned in to watch this derby). It also happens to be a match where the police have the very “strong” presence. All the people cram the stands of Estadio Azteca dividing the stadium into the support of the two clubs. Our group proposed one action into stadium against racism seeing that in their previous game the fans of Pumas (La Rebel) made racist chants in their away match against two players of C.F. León.


We had some difficulties entering the banners into the stadium, our banners wrote: “Ritual/B.A.C. terraces without racism” but the stadium authorities prevented initially prevented us from exhibiting the banners. During the course of the match while our team was losing 2-1. Our comrades started to take the megaphones and the Ritual del Kaoz’s flags and put out flags that wrote “ACAB” and a crossed-out swastika! Following this all the people of the Ritual del Kaoz and Brigada Azul Crema went crazy in support, climbed on the stadium fences, and a small riot started with the police who were annoyed at us exhibiting these flags. Ultimately, we lost 3-1 against Pumas, but we don’t care the result because we love our team in each moment, more and more, especially when we playing against Racist scum!

News from 1st March, 2014

Club América against Monterrey away. Brigada azul crema was not allowed to travel once again. The important activity though was that Ritual del kaoz went on Friday 28th at Airport to sent the team off to the game showing them in this way that they would never walk alone, in wins or defeats their people would always support them in the same passion and strength. Then, on the match day, Club América went out playing with power and pride, so, Club Amèrica won 2-1 one of season’s most complicated games as the people in Monterrey crammed the 95% of the stadium because their club directors refused to sell tickets to visitors fans. A glorious victory which we watched from afar, but enjoyed every single second, even though we could not physically be there.

Rebel Ultras