Saturday , September 25 2021

End of February News

USP, Germany

We are still in the second league ;) and had now the first two games of the second half of the season.
We played Bielefeld away at 09.02.2014 with a 2:2. First it looked like we will win but at all it was a typical Sankt Pauli game. HSV has a friendship with Bielefeld so a lot of HSV fans have been at the game so we sang a lot of anti HSV songs there. We had a lot of fun at this trip and a good travel with the buses.

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At 15.02.2014 we played Bochum at home. We lost 0:1 but the atmosphere was good because it was our first home game after the break. We had friends over form Antifa Marseilles and a good time with them.

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Politics: Sankt Pauli stil fights for “Lampedusa refugees” and against gentrification¬†and the rise of rents in our district.
Rebel Ultras