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February 2014 News

BAC, Mexico

We plan our first fanzine, days before of the date 8th February when we went at match at home. This project is another action also important to ourgroup, when came the day of match and the members of Brigada Azul Crema took the zines and distributed them firstly to people outside the stadium and later inside the stands after the final whistle was blown. All went well, days later we made a blog where we re-published so that people who did not receive the printed version could also be kept up to date. Many members of Ritual del Kaoz had many positive comments to give us regarding this action. Most thought the fanzine was very nice, others congratulated us on the work.

A week later in the match away in Morelia Michoacan, we gathered at the Ritual del Kaoz and Brigada Azul crema moved to the game in minivans so as to avoid unnecessary police control and possibly raids by part of “Narco” division of the police. Also we wanted to be proactive and avoid any potential problems within the district of  Michoacan with the war between “Autodefensas and templarios”. Fortunately everything turned alright, we arrived at the stadium, the security in that stadium was very strong, we had planned to exhibit some banners against racism in all stands, but the police discovered our banners and they removed them before we could display. Don’t care if they are a fucking obstacle, we will definitely try again very soon.

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