Saturday , September 25 2021

2013 News Roundup

Vamos Bien logoWhen the club chairman (Aziz Yıldırım) started to meddle with the terraces, things went sour. The chairman almost created another group (who are in his command) against the opposing fans that didn’t want him. He gave them free tickets also. We decided to keep our activities on hold because of the club management, the messed up structure of the groups in the terraces. But the biggest reason for this recession is that the club board’s obstacles against the fan culture, they don’t want ultras or fans in the stadium, they just want customers. And life is not easy at all for ultras in our stadium anymore, by the laws, cops, and the club board. During the summer time the Occupy Gezi movement began, we were there every day. İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Denizli. In any city with a vamos bien member in it, we were there. During this season we are only going to away games, but it’s still hard to find tickets because the club board is buying the tickets to give them away to their apple-polishers. The terraces are still messed up, and we are going on to our actions on the streets. Graffiti, stencils, protests, fanzines, etc. In summer we will be in antira in st. pauli. We are a fan group that is massifying the politic view in the stadiums & streets with our actions in Turkey right now.

Peace & Solidarity from the streets of Kadıköy, see y’all in antira!

Rebel Ultras