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Police Harassment at game vs Atlante FC

Brigada AzulcremaWeekend, February 1, 2014, match day, Club America vs Atlante FC before starting the match we did a small Corteo with our members against modern football and a banner with the silhouette of one of our older members symbolically burning the police (picture below) in the commemorative march of¬†October 2 (October 2 we don’t forget! the massacre of Protestants by the Mexican army and police on October 2, 1968 young students who rose up against the impositions of then president Gustavo Ordaz days).

While doing our small corteo heading to the stadium, police harassment begun, as expected. they repeatedly tried to intimidate and repress our way. Getting to the Stadium we always opt to drink beer before the game, everything went well and then we arrived inside the stadium with the entire sector 48 of the general stands with Ritual del Kaoz to support our Club America. 90 minutes where our team dominated and ended up winning with a minimum score of 1-0.

Later on outside the stadium all together we returned to the same place to drink beer and relax for a while, collecting money for our fanzine and also met and proposed a project that would highlight political issues during the upcoming match against Pumas UNAM which will be in 22 days. After a while there, three police trucks and a police car of SSP Distrito Federal (D.F.) arrived, taking 2 of our members and taking them to the public prosecutor for alleged resale of tickets, for carrying a defensive weapon (e.g. knife, bat) and for being intoxicated. Our members were sentenced to custody for two days but fortunately managed to obtain their release after 25 hours.

We denounce abuse of authority by the head of government,Miguel Angel Mancera, the same police against us confessed that he is offering them attractive commissions for bringing in people and detaining them, regardless of age, gender and fitness; seems we are all but statistics and quotas for him!

We can’t allow further abuse and we will be working on something to promote the message to many others. So this our report. Its been a tough weekend, where even though our club America responded with an important victory we were not given the chance to relish it, but instead lay personal witnesses to the social problems that are occurring in this fucking country.

Pictures from the weekend below:

Rebel Ultras