Saturday , September 18 2021

2013 News Roundup

Iraklis Thessaloniki F.C. Salonica- Greece2013 was a very eventful season for our beloved Iraklis, following the Greek federation’s decision to relegate our team to Division 2 as a result of ‘debts to the state’ (bear in mind that other teams which STILL play in Greece’s Superleague have up to 10 times the debt of Iraklis!). this goes to prove yet again the relentless persecution of our team and our fans from this corrupt state and its corrupt sports system.

However Iraklis is the most historical fans in the land and we will forever be in the first line, with our rebellious heart, to fight against all injustice and protect the oldest club of the Nation.

During last season Iraklis narrowly missed progression to the top flight of Greek football once again by a few points. However the football season 2013-2014 is going very well and our club is right up there fighting for progression and Autonomous Gate 10 is right there as well, by the side of the club, hoping that this season we will finally see our happy ending and return to where Iraklis rightfully belongs, the top league of Greek Football.

Throughout this season have been many highlights on an off the pitch. Only a few weeks ago we had to face our arch-rivals, the team of paok in a memorable game at Kaftantzoglio stadium where the scum avoided a landslide defeat mainly due to luck as Iraklis missed an array of chances to finish the game 3-4 goals ahead. In the end, the lucky bastards escaped with a 1-1 draw. However we WILL meet again, very soon, were it matters most, the Greek Superleague.

Gate 10 remains head strong in its Antifascist mentality fighting fascism, nationalism and oppression from wherever this comes from. Whether from fans of other teams such as our hated rivals paok, or whether from the state or their friends, the police! Gate 10 in the streets and in the stadiums!

Stay tuned for more news within this section every few days.

For the moment we will leave you with some images of Gate 10 in action in and outside the stadiums!

Iraklis 1908 – 1000 years Iraklis !

Image below taken from the latest Cup game vs paok at our stadium during the team entrance of Iraklis. Image taken from a nearby town.

Rebel Ultras