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History of Club America

Club America logoHaving clubs of hundred years or more in Mexican soccer, no other has more titles than Club America. 96 years and 34 titles later, “the Eagles” have been placed as undisputed leaders of Mexican football. In addition to becoming one of the most successful and winning Mexican football teams. The Eagles recently won their eleventh title in the professional era, defeating in an unforgettable game one of their most hated rival, Cruz Azul in the final.



15 Leagues

6 Championships Cup

5 Champion of Champions

5 Concacaf Champions

2 Interamerican Cup

1 CONCACAF Giants Cup

The story and the name of our Club was forged in 1916. A group of young people, some alumni of the “College of Mascarones”, others emerged from the courtyard of the parish, attracted by the new sport called football, which had ventured to Mexico a few years ago, came together to form what would be the roots of is now the Club America.

In those years our team used to play in the area of Condesa in Mexico City and in the courts of Catholic schools, The Club America, was formed in October 12, 1916. Initially our team’s rivalry was against the same schools that founded us. But over the years, thanks to its excellent results, then America entered the “Major League”, the most important Mexican football. During the decade of the 20’s our players who were rookies at the time,  became referents in the Mexican Football League and then the first four championships of our Club were obtained consecutively.

In 1923 the squad toured Guatemala and this was became the first national representative involved in an encounter outside Mexico.  Also during this trip the famous Mexican soccer ‘battle cry’ “siquiti the bim-bum-bum-ba” was bron. In sports everything was positive, with two wins in the cities of Guatemala and Quetzaltenango. In 1926-27 America wins three championships. Again “The Azul Cremas” end the season on the first place and with this triple success and were granted the “Challenger Cup”, a distinction which the squad obtained by winning three consecutive championships. Season 1927-28 confirmed that Club America is the best team in our football.

In the 40’s, started the first game between America and Guadalajara, but it had yet to be referred as the ‘classic’ which it is today. But the inherent scent of rivarly was there from the get go.  The first match that took place between these two teams dates back to the August 1, 1943 in the Cup tournament, in which Chivas won by a score of 1-0. During the 1943-1944 season, the duel began to attract people’s attention, since in the first round match of the League Tournament, the Guadalajara beat Club America by 3 goals to 1. However, in the second round the “Azul Cremas” stunned them with an epic victory at Guadalajara, 7 goals to 2, a result which marked the beginning of a serious sports rivalry.

Unfortunately not everything was glorious and our team experienced in downturn during the 50s. During the season of 1952 – 1953, the Club was on the brink of relegation. A series of crises, both sporting and economic, were present at the club and on more than one occasion it  miraculously escaped relegation. We tried to save the club cause at any cost and the Mexican comedian Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” was named honorary president of the institution in an effort to economically help the team. With increasing popularity, our club and its increasing number of fans were given the task of building a stadium for the team, but also being able to host a World Cup. Thus, the May 29, 1966, the new Mexican champion releases his new home… “Azteca Stadium”, making the honors against to Torino team (Italy).

In the 1973-1974 Club America won its fifth Championship title, defeating Cruz Azul, at that time. America was led by Don Jose Antonio Roca who used a new system of play and great Chilean player Carlos Reinoso and Alfredo Tena and Christopher Ortega, among many others.

The 80’s were spectacular for the Club. First with the arrival of our nickname “Eagles of America”, after the victory in the final against our arch-rival, Guadalajara, in the 83-84 season and with it our eighth title in the history of Club America.  Led by one of the icons of our club, Alfredo Tena , the Eagles reached  the semifinal round of the Copa Libertadores for their first time in the history of the club, playing effective and spectacular football. Our team obtained several victories both historical and important : Our club thrashed  the legendary Olimpia de Paraguay ;  in the knockout rounds at America de Cali, in Colombia , and in La Paz at Bolivar. The dream ended at the Azteca Stadium in an epic battle between our squad and the reigning Libertadores champions: Boca Juniors of Argentina .

Following that era the club went through a ‘dry spell’ and for a period of 13 years had not received any local titles. “The Eagles” finally put to end the drought in summer 2002 . In true Americanism style the squad led by Manuel Lapuente overcame an adverse 2-0 first leg result against the Rays of Necaxa, for the Apertura 2002. Our team succeeded in being the first champion Superleader for the upcoming season and recorded the most points achieved in a short tournament: 43 points.

In the Clausura 2005, America was dramatically crowned champions once again, defeating Tecos UAG in the second leg . The tenth star comes thanks to a comprehensive 7-4. The idol Cuauhtemoc Blanco has a playoff dream : getting four runs and were determined to get his first title as Americanism, Champion League against Pumas : At the start of the 2005-2006 season a new milestone is achieved. Again the post- championship súperleaders position was won and this time the mark was 28 games unbeaten at the local tournament games , a record that is impossible to break. In 2006 the Eagles conquer the CONCACAF championship ,which sent the club to its first World Club Championship in Japan. In 2007 our team manages another vicotry this time in the Conmebol , versus Arsenal de Sarandi of Argentina.

The series ends tied at four goals , but regulation moves us away from the continental conquest. In 2008 Juan Antonio Luna reached the semifinals of the America ‘s Libertadores Cup , in which a historic win over Flamengo at the Maracana Stadium in Brazil was obtained to by score 3 goals against 0 . Recently Club America named by the IFFHS as the best team of the decade in CONCACAF. Our team is above Guadalajara, Cruz Azul, Pachuca and Toluca, Mexican teams are located within the first 5 positions.

After the restructuring carried out in 2011, the Club America has been one of the best teams in Mexican soccer, achieved in the last three tournaments (Clausura 2012, Apertura 2012 and Clausura 2013) reached two semi-finals and has won more titles than other clubs in league  history. Thus the history of Club America continues to be written, giving their fans more joy and seeing the birth of new and historical legends playing for what we are proud to believe is the most important Club in Mexico, Club America.


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