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2013 News Roundup

2013 once again was an extremely active year for Gate 9. Regarding the football club it the last two seasons have been extremely disappointing. Actually they have been the worst seasons in the last 50 or so years for Omonoia. However this has never dampened our spirits. This is because it is clear that Gate 9 is much more than just football support. Gate 9 is an ultras group that lives and breathes a certain ideology and actively fights racism and fascism wherever these are present.


Throughout this season we have staged politically motivated rallies, social fund raising projects, events, concerts and organised stadium support, all in a spirit of Antifascism and Antiracism.

At this moment Gate 9 is in active opposition to the current management of our beloved club. The constitution of AC Omonoia is one of a club organised on a social base, it is not a company, nor is it a hub of any single rich business person. We would like to keep it that way. Unfortunately recent seasons of gross bad management has brought our club at the brink of destruction. The club currently carries a huge debt of over 14 million Euros, in past liabilities mainly to former highly salaried players and coaches, that have given almost nothing back to the club. All this bad management has come as a result of the former club administration. Members of the former administration are still acting members of the present day club committee.

As such, Gate 9 is calling for all the current committee to resign and to call for new elections. This has been done and elections have been proclaimed for early April 2014.  In the meantime Gate 9 is mobilising on a nationwide campaign to enroll as many new club members as possible. Currently the Omonoia club has little over than 1,000 acting members of the club who can vote at General Assemblies for their desired club leadership. We believe that this number is very small. Omonoia is a club supported by the vast majority of the Cyprus population and as such the member base of the club should be well above 5,000. However political motives have for decades kept the club membership levels low. Nowadays though this is impossible to continue as the club is in desperate need for cash if it is to overcome the obstacles posed by the quarterly UEFA Financial Fair Play checks.

As such, as Gate 9, we believe that it is ripe time for the Club iron gates to open up to a much bigger membership base that will not only bring in the much needed cash injection (through the form of monthly club membership subscriptions) but will open up a new era of club development bringing in people with new ideas, opinions and views, as well as people from various disciplines and professions that will help, through their voluntary work, keep our club as one which is ran BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!

Below you will see various media  from various landmark events and activities that Gate 9 has done during the year 2013 with a short description of each one.


Some examples of Gate 9 activity in the stadiums throughout the season

vs. the scum of Cyprus

vs. apollonas

In the Streets:

20 Years of Gate 9 – anniversary march in the streets of Nicosia

The most popular ultras Harlem Shake on youtube :)

March to the Presidential Palace and Parliament Against TROIKA austerity measures

Gate9 secretly break into the stadium during the Cyprus v Switzerland World Cup Qualifier to protest their opposition to the strict Austerity Measures (a picture that went round the world) and Gate 9 members taking Gifts during Christmas time to sick children at the hospital.

The Third Gate 9 Yearly Festival

2012-2013 Year Roundup Video

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