Saturday , September 25 2021

News Roundup 2013

RSCL with Inferno logo2013 was rich of in and out-stadium events. It started with the extension of La Cosa SL to the pub just next to it. The objective is to make the premises bigger. The works start quickly and the Ultras enjoy their brand new place when season 2013-2014 starts.

In March 2013, about fifteen members attend an anti-NSV demonstration in Leuven (NSV is a pro-Flemish, nationalist students’ group who organize every year a demonstration close to Brussels).

In the stands, a message showing the group’s support to the fight against homophobia is shown in April 2013. Shortly before that, an “anti-play-off” action is organized in order to show the group’s disagreement against the “play-off” system, which only benefits the “foot business” and not the players or the fans.

Early June, the group pays tribute to Clément Meric, a Parisian antifa activist who died on the 5th of June following a confrontation with far-right skinheads.

During the inter-season many actions are taken against the club’s president: many think that he does not have a global sports outlook, that he only takes decisions that will allow him to make more money for himself, and that he does not respect the fans or the club’s soul.

In August 2013 the Ultras decide to get involved in social projects developed by one of their members in Argentina. He has been staying in the country for long periods and decided to organize different development actions for the poorest populations of Buenos Aires. The project is young and the way in which the Ultras will help the local associations still need to be defined, but it has been guaranteed that those will receive support.

On the 15th of December, the 11th collection of un-perishable foods is organized for the poor. The collection is delivered to the “Restos du Coeur” of Liège. The objective of the action is to alert the fans about the very difficult situation of some people, and to allow them to show their generosity by bringing food on game days (the food is collected by the different groups in each stand).

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