Thursday , October 21 2021

End of Year 2013 News

Bukaneros LogoThis season, for the moment, could be summarized in two words: struggle and repression.

Struggle against the owners of our club, who has been dismantling the club since they arrived, and trying to destroy the fan sectors who has been active in the defense of our club, symbols and history. Nowadays, the rupture between the owners and most of the fans is immense. Also struggling against the political situation in our city and our country, where the working class is being dispersed more and more everyday, in rights and in the economical level. We’re an ultra’ group, but we can’t stay in silence while the owners of our lives keep becoming richer and richer while the people is starving.

And at this point we arrive to the repression said before. This activism inside and outside of the stadium has pointed us as the public enemy #1 during the last years. Last season was the hardest that Bukaneros has ever faced, with the arrest of 13 of our members, the imprisonment of one of our lads –Alfon, and the police assault over our pub looking for…bombs? But Bukaneros showed strong enough (also due to the support of the working class of this city), so since then, the bourgeoisie has been trying and trying to bring us down with lies in the media and police repression against our group and our members…almost every week we appear in the newspapers accused of every kind of fault you could imagine.

This is the real present of Bukaneros. But even under this pressure, the groups has been able to hang the banner in a few away stadiums for the moment: Calderón (At. De Madrid), José Zorrilla (Valladolid), Mestalla (Valencia), Ciudad de Valencia (Levante), Ciudad de Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal)…and moving a few members to a few other stadiums, sharing the day with members of local groups.

There have been also time for preparing and displaying a few tifos during the current season, outstanding the one against R. Madrid, the surprise-tifo we made in Cadiz celebrating the 20th anniversary of our brotherhood with local ultras (Rayo was not playing that match) or the Antifa topic ones from the match against Espanyol, for the November 20th weekend, full of political symbolism in the city of Madrid.

As part of our struggle against modern football, the group has been displaying acts every time our team has played on a Friday or a Monday, due to our belief that matches must be played during the weekends, respecting the right of the fans to follow their team. The most remarkable point of this struggle has been the impact that our performances as Bert and Ernie had on the media.

In relation with this political movement, political activity of Bukaneros has been strong during this season: collecting and distribution of food and toys, presence in the Antifa activities and demos during November, as well as other mobilizations during the year.

For the moment, there have been no problems with rival mobs, due to the atmosphere of repression that Spanish ultras suffer, which makes the fights something unusual.

In the other hand, we had the chance to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our brotherhood with Brigadas Amarillas during two weekends, one there, plenty of activities and party, and the return one, in Vallekas, where we tried to make our brothers feel like at home..

But we still having half season in front of us…let’s see what’s waiting for us.


Rebel Ultras