Thursday , July 16 2020
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Front Commun Montreal

Logo Front Commun MontréalFront Commun Montreal (FCM ) is a group of Montreal Impact FC ( IMFC) supporters, who actively participate in the Montreal terraces ( section 131-132 ) .

Front Commun Montreal was inspired by the “ultras” movement, that oppose sexism, racism, homophobia and “modern football”.

Formed in 2012, FCM members wished to create a group with political positions to fight all forms of oppression. It is anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and feminist.  FCM members wish to see changes in the relations among supporters .

Moreover, its members want to see fans take politicized initiatives to denounce the excesses of capitalism in the football industry, racism or homophobic behavior / speech / chants.

FCM’s objective is not to be under the spotlight, especially since they criticize authoritarian behavior, but rather to put forward messages concerning  football and its industry.

Front Commun Montreal is a group practicing direct democracy. Consensus building is at the heart of the processes leading to decision -making. Members of the Front Commun Montreal therefore participate in the activities of the Kop Montreal (songs and gestures, making flags, support tifos, travel, public viewing, etc.  ) FCM is therefore a gathering of friends, sympathizers and whoever shares the group’s positions and interests and of course, has a passion for Montreal Impact Soccer Club.

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