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Brigada 71

Brigada71Brigada 71 is a group of organized anti-fascist New York Cosmos supporters within the greater “5 Points” supporter collective of the club. In 2016, the group was founded to give an official home to the the anti-racist organizing that had been happening under the banner of Cosmos fans dating back to 2007. After organizing an anti-Trump rally in March 2016 that attracted thousands of New Yorkers to protest, the group has maintained a constant presence in the supporter end while remaining committed to community initiatives in Brooklyn and throughout the city. These initiatives include raising money for homeless shelters, migrant families, and LGBTQ centers, dropping banners in solidarity with national and global anti-fascist movements, and working with New York-based Ultras groups from global clubs to build a local network of like-minded fans within the New York Cosmos supporter scene.
Brigada 71 exists to create, promote, and maintain the spirit of inclusion, consensus, and anti-racism within the New York Cosmos fan scene. The group is well connected and shares memberships with a plethora of New York based leftist and anti-fascist groups, the New York punk scene, and non-profit organizations.

Football For All in New York City!

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