Thursday , July 16 2020
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Rebel Ultras Views

Antifa Antira Ultras SupportersIn this section the authors and editors of Rebel Ultras will often be posting articles which have to do with various Antifa and/or Antira subjects.

By this we would like to portray our own views on various topics relating to the movement and also highlight ideological, cultural, social and political perspectives in our own way. Our main aim is to provide our own untainted view on a variety of subjects, in an honest way, and in a spirit of solidarity that will hopefully be interesting to the readers and eventually breed dialogue and understanding.

Navigate through this section and let us know of your views via our contact page!



Tribute to Paul Breitner

  The former Bayern Munich defender has always been adamant and public over his left wing political beliefs. Often portrayed in the media as the intellectual rebel, the gifted footballer ... Read More »

Antira St. Pauli- Trip Report

Moin Folks! To try and express with words what we have experienced through our presence at this year’s Antira Tournament in St.Pauli is in itself a very hard task to ... Read More »