Tuesday , October 23 2018
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Barflies United

Bohemians at UAFA Cup 2015

UAFA (15)

UAFA Cup 2015 – Antiracist Football Tournament in Trenčín (Slovakia) 27.6 2015 When I was planning my last weekend in June, UAFA Cup was an obvious choice. I visited this ... Read More »

Recent Games and Action

During winter break is in Prague 2 demonstration for the support of the new squat “Klinika“ and demonstrations for Russian anti-fascists Bohemians Praha 1905 – FC Vysočina Jihlava First match ... Read More »

Barflies United 10 Years and More News

ANTIFA GREETINGS TO ALL! You haven’t heard from us in a while so we said we will come back with our roundup! A lot has happened. FK Teplice        –          ... Read More »